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The North Shore is truly a divers paradise

During the winter months, the North Shore of Oahu is the Mecca of surfing in the world, as huge waves surge through the Pacific Ocean and break high on the reef.  In the summer time, however, these waters become a beautiful diving paradise!  One place in particular is the Pupukea Marine Sanctuary, which extends for about a mile, and the diving is great!  Being a protected area, there are rules to dive here: no fishing, no hunting, no taking.  Many of the endemic species of fish and turtles are found here, and many species of nudibranch are regularly seen by our divers.  The rock formation is absolutely unique, as it is a massive concentration of underwater caves, caverns, walls, overhangs, lava tubes and underwater canyons.  Rare species of fish like the Titan Scorpion fish or the Hawaiian Turkey fish are often visible to see on one of our night dives.

Haleiwa Trench

Two fish swimming in Haleiwa trench

Depth 25-90 ft / 8-30m.  Shore dive.  This is a wall dive abundant with life including crustaceans in the cracks of the wall, turtles, and even sea horses.  One of the most exuberant coral formations is on the north side of the wall, across the channel.  This is a great dive on the right day. Visibility 20-80 ft. / 7-25 m. Watch the video!”]

Waimea Bay

two tank dive discover scuba dive coral and fish with Hawaii Eco Divers

Depth 20-60 ft / 7-20 m. Shore dive. Waimea is one of the most beautiful beaches on O’ahu and a legendary big wave surf spot in the winter.  Waves travel the entire Pacific Ocean to explode directly on the bottom ledges.  This is a wall dive with lots of swim-through caves and lava tubes.  There are plenty of corals, reef fish, and Green Sea Turtles everywhere.  This dive site is frequently visited by spinner dolphins in the summer months.  Visibility 30-100 ft. / 10-35 m.

Three Tables

Depth 15-60 ft / 5-20 m. Shore dive.  Being part of the Pupukea Marine Sanctuary District, Three Tables is named after three slabs of rock that are visible at the surface.  Several dive profiles can be done here.  Swim west until you find the wall, it drops off to about 40 ft./ 15 m., and follow the wall to the left.  You will find the Turtle Car Wash, which is a turtle cleaning station with an amazing underwater topography.  Nursing white tip reef sharks are often seen here as well.  Venturing right down that same wall, you will end up at the Cathedrals, a huge swim through that could fit a tour bus.  The sunlight penetrates through the ceiling, lighting up the inside, hence the name. Visibility 40 to 100 feet/ 13-35 m.

Sharks Cove

Depth 15-60 ft/5-20 m. Shore dive. Also part of the Pupukea Marine Sanctuary.  Fishing here is strictly prohibited, and no boats or jet skis are allowed here either.  Sharks Cove is among the best shore dives on Oahu, with an amazing variety of marine life to see.  A few highlights about this site are the rock formations with plenty of caves, walls, ledges and caverns.  This is an excellent location for night dives as well.  Incredible amounts of Hawaiian reef fishes and turtles are found here because of conservation efforts as well as the protection act.  Some of the marine life includes eels, octopus, squids, lobsters, sharks, rays, nudibranchs, and more. Visibility 40-100 ft./ 13-35 m. “Watch the video!”

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