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Scuba Diving Tours Oahu

The allure of Hawaii extends far beyond its idyllic beaches and lush landscapes. Dive beneath the surface with Hawaii Eco Divers and uncover the rich tapestry of marine life that thrives in Oahu’s azure waters. Our team’s guidance transcends mere site exploration; we strive to provide you with an immersive ‘Aloha’ experience. In Hawaiian culture, ‘Aloha’ is not just a greeting, it signifies a spiritual force that binds together existence. It represents love, peace, compassion, and a deep, profound connection with nature.

We embody the meaning of Aloha in each dive, combining love, compassion, and peace to learn about Hawaiian marine life. Book your scuba diving in Honolulu for the experience of a lifetime.

When you join us for scuba diving in Honolulu, we bring this powerful ethos to life beneath the waves. Each dive with our team is a harmonious fusion of the excitement of exploration and a tranquil encounter with the abundant marine life that calls these waters home. We approach each dive with a deep respect for the ocean and its inhabitants, fostering an environment of mutual respect and understanding.



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We offer the PADI Discover Scuba Dive program that is designed for people who have never gone diving before and want to start at the incredible dive sites on Oahu.

For the adventurous spirits that’ve wondered what it feels like to breathe under water, to glide alongside vibrant marine creatures, or to explore the mesmerizing depths of Hawaii’s ocean blue? Whether you’re based in Honolulu or visiting from afar, Hawaii Eco Divers offers the perfect introduction to the thrilling world of scuba diving on the beautiful shores of Oahu.

For those who have never dived before or are looking for a refreshing dip into the scuba world, our PADI Discover Scuba Dive program is just the ticket. This specially designed course is the first step in your underwater adventure, opening up a world of marine exploration you may have only dreamed about. You’ll find out firsthand why scuba diving in Hawaii captivates and fascinates people from all walks of life, each day, all year round.

Upon completion of the Discover Scuba Dive program, you’ll earn credits that bring you one step closer to your PADI Open Water Certification. This globally recognized certification is your passport to underwater adventures around the world. But why stop there? If you’re as hooked on diving as we believe you will be, we’re ready to support your next steps towards becoming a certified diver. At Hawaii Eco Divers, we offer exclusive deals for our Discover Scuba Dive participants looking to progress their skills and earn their PADI Open Water Certification with us.

Imagine experiencing the unspoiled marine ecosystems of Oahu through scuba diving, from the flourishing coral reefs to the abundant fish species that call these waters home. Our team of experienced, PADI-certified instructors will be with you every step of the way, guiding you as you learn to navigate the underwater wonders of Oahu with safety, comfort, and a spirit of adventure.


Hawaii Eco Divers offers dive boat tours to shipwrecks and coral reefs on the South and West shores of Oahu. Boat dive tours are for both advanced and less experienced divers. Advanced divers can dive the infamous Sea Tiger Wreck, considered the largest and deepest shipwreck of Hawaii, and one of several well known wrecks. Less experienced divers have access to the numerous shallow water reef sites such as Turtle Canyon, Horseshoe reef, Stars, and so many more.


Experience shore diving from the North Shore. Embark on a truly thrilling aquatic adventure on the North Shore of Oahu with us at Hawaii Eco Divers. The prized gem of our operations, Sharks Cove, is not just an ordinary dive site. This breathtaking location is part of a cherished conservation zone, safeguarded from boating, fishing, and poaching, ensuring an undisturbed haven for a rich variety of marine life. This marine sanctuary’s captivating underwater topography includes caves, caverns, and lava tubes formed from millennia-old volcanic activity.

Notably, diving in the North Shore excels during the summer months due to the calm sea conditions and exceptional visibility. If your journey brings you here during this period, you’re in for a treat. Shore diving on the North Shore of Oahu is what we excel at and are immensely proud to offer.

As the sun dips below the horizon, the aquatic landscape transforms into a fascinating nocturnal world. Our NIGHT DIVE at Sharks Cove offers certified divers the chance to see this extraordinary site in a whole new light—literally. Armed with your flashlight beam, you’ll uncover an entirely different side of Sharks Cove, one teeming with nocturnal marine life and providing a truly mesmerizing spectacle.

The nocturnal inhabitants of Sharks Cove await you on these thrilling night dives. Discover this sanctuary’s magic in the summer months from a completely unique perspective, one that’s sure to create memories that last a lifetime. Plunge into the wonders of the night-time ocean with us, and be part of an adventure that combines excitement, discovery, and the breathtaking beauty of the North Shore’s undersea world.


Submerging into the ocean is akin to stepping into an alternate universe, a realm of the Earth that is beautifully alien and tantalizingly mysterious. This extraordinary sensation is exponentially intensified during night dives! When the sun sets, the ocean’s nocturnal creatures emerge in all their glory, presenting a spectacle unseen during the daylight hours. Species that shy away from the sun’s rays come to life, creating a remarkable and vibrant underwater nightlife.

Take a plunge into the unique world that awaits beneath the ocean’s surface after dark. It’s not just an experience—it’s an exploration of a seldom-seen side of marine life. A nighttime dive is truly a hard-to-believe journey that you shouldn’t miss out on.

Don’t take our word for it—here’s what some of our clients had to say:

“Never imagined that the ocean could be more exciting at night! The bioluminescence and the night-active creatures made it an unforgettable experience.” – Jane D.

“The night dive was the highlight of our trip to Hawaii. Seeing the underwater world come alive after dark was something really special. Highly recommended!” – Thomas K.

“I was initially apprehensive about the night dive but it turned out to be an absolute blast. The underwater visibility was great and the plethora of marine life was truly astonishing. Would do it again in a heartbeat!” – Lisa M.


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Are you interested in receiving photo and video content of your dive with us? Let us know before the day of your dive and we will arrange for this!

Even better than this – take our underwater video and photo specialty courses and become an underwater video/photo pro!