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Snorkel the Pristine Waters of the North Shore of Oahu!

Admire and learn about the local marine life on an Oahu snorkeling tour. Our trained dive masters specialize in snorkeling the North Shore of Oahu and are therefore able to provide you the best experience possible. Explore the Pupukea Marine Sanctuary, which is a marine conservation zone home to many endemic species of fish found in the Hawaiian archipelago. There are multiple world-class dive sites within the Pupukea Marine Sanctuary. These snorkel sites, including Shark’s Cove and Three Tables, prohibit fishing and boating, so the area is very safe for divers and snorkelers. Within a mile of this protected area hides an untouched piece of paradise, widely considered to be one of Hawaii and North America’s best places to dive and snorkel from shore. Local underwater reef topography is alluring and breathtaking, with plenty of coral, crevices, caverns, caves, canyons, walls, and marine life.

You don’t want to forget your camera!

Professional Guidance

Breathing life into your aquatic journey are our expert guides, the torchbearers of the Spirit of Aloha. Chosen for their deep knowledge and skill navigating the North Shore of Oahu’s vibrant waters, they guide you through Oahu’s diverse marine ecosystems, a snorkeler’s nirvana.

Our meticulously designed tours cater to both novices trying on their fins for the first time and intermediate snorkelers craving deeper waters. The promise isn’t just about seeing an array of fish and turtles; it’s about diving into their world, witnessing their habitat as an esteemed guest. From serene sea turtles to lively shoals of fish weaving through coral gardens, every sea dweller has a tale, a role in the ecosystem, and our guides illuminate these fascinating narratives. Under their expert guidance, your snorkeling adventure transcends into a profound exploration of Hawaii’s cherished marine conservation areas. As you immerse in the waves, know that you’re embarking on a journey led by professionals committed to showcasing the best of North Shore Oahu’s underwater realm.

Beware of the Winter Time

Winter sees North Shore Oahu transformed into a surfing nirvana, with the Pacific Ocean awakening with tremendous waves that rhythmically thrash the shoreline. This awe-inspiring spectacle lures surfers worldwide to pit their skills against these colossal water walls. Simultaneously, winter waves that make North Shore a surfer’s Eden render it hazardous for snorkelers. The waves stir the sandy floor, restricting visibility to a bare minimum. The resultant currents can pose a risk even to experienced snorkelers. Prioritizing your safety, winter snorkeling on the North Shore is strictly avoided.

Yet, there’s no need for disappointment. Our sights then shift to the tranquil waters of West Side Oahu’s Electric Beach. Unaffected by the North Shore swells, this spot, renowned for the Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins’ frequent visits, welcomes snorkelers to warm waters bursting with diverse fish species and vibrant coral formations. While North Shore slumbers under the winter wave assault, Electric Beach offers a vibrant, warm, and welcoming underwater playground ready for exploration. Here, winter is a change of scene, not a cessation of adventure.