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The North Shore of Oahu Is Truly a Diver’s Paradise

During the winter months, the North Shore of Oahu is the Mecca of surfing in the world, as huge waves surge through the Pacific Ocean and break high on the reef. In the summertime, however, these waters become a beautiful diving paradise! One magical place, in particular, is the Pupukea Marine Sanctuary, which extends for about a mile, and the diving is great!

Being a protected area, there are rules to dive here: no fishing, no hunting, no taking.  Many endemic species of fish and turtles are found here, and many species of nudibranch are regularly seen by our divers. The rock formation is absolutely unique, as it is a massive concentration of underwater caves, caverns, walls, overhangs, lava tubes, and underwater canyons. Rare species of fish like the titan scorpionfish or the Hawaiian turkey fish are often visible on night dives.

Dive Information

Dive sites Shark’s Cove and Three Tables among others are part of the Pupukea Conservation zone, a protected area free of fishing and boating. This is a scuba diver’s paradise, including several underwater lava tubes, caverns, walls, coral reefs, and lots of marine life. We do 30-foot to 40-foot one-tank dives, and gear is included.