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Where to go scuba diving near Aulani, the Disney Resort and Spa in Ko Olina on the West Side of Oahu

scuba diving near disney aulani resort ko olina west side oahu

Here you are in paradise, relaxing at the Aulani Disney Resort and Spa on the West Side of Oahu. Your kids are loving the kids club and the beautiful beach, but you find yourself craving an adventure outside the hotel gates. Fear not! There are plenty of opportunities for scuba diving near Aulani. Take a break from the resort to see some of the wonders of the Pacific. On many of these scuba dives, you could even bring  the kids! Below is our guide for the best scuba diving near Aulani Disney Resort.

Electric Beach / Kahe Point

Electric beach is the best location to bring your whole family scuba diving near Aulani. Kahe Point Beach Park is located 1.3 miles (2 km) away from Aulani, making it very easily accessible. The beach is relatively calm with little shore break or undertow. Kids will love the opportunity to splash in the waves, and snorkel gear will be enough to allow them to see ample Hawaii marine life. Electric Beach is exploding with life! It is one of the few Oahu locations known for dolphin sightings year-round. Turtles also frequent this location, and you are unlikely to scuba dive in this spot without encountering at least one.

This scuba dive site gets its namesake from the electrical power plant across the street from the beach. This plant has two giant pipes that lead into the ocean, constantly dumping warm water. These pipes have become a man-made ecosystem, growing coral and algae and attracting all sorts of marine life. The pipes, now surrounded by reef, flourish with fish, eels, and turtles. This location is known for its turtle cleaning station, where honu stop to get their shells cleaned by local fish. It is a wonderful sight to behold! While scuba diving is the ideal method for enjoying this beautiful display, these natural wonders are visible from the surface with proper snorkel gear as well.

Wreck Dives: Mahi, L.C.U., and 29 Down

Wreck dives are less ideal for the kids, unless they have some levels of scuba certification. However, for adventurous divers staying on the West side of Oahu, these three wreck dives provide a wonderful experience. Most recommend that divers exploring these wrecks are certified through their Advanced Open Water, due to the fact that they are located deep under the surface.

The Mahi Wreck Dive

The Mahi Wreck Dive, located at 90 feet (30 meters) deep, used to be a U.S. Navy Minesweeper. The ship was sunk in 1982 as an artificial reef project. Scuba divers are likely to see large sharks and big squadrons of eagle rays, as well as a Great Barracuda that claims this ship as home. Usually this barracuda is seen circling the mast post.

The 29 Down Wreck Dive

This dive site became famous from its appearance in the T.V. series Flight 29 Down. Unlike the other wreck dives in the area, this is not a ship but an airplane! A beautiful reef surrounds the plane, full of endemic Hawaiian marine life. This wreck is located 85 feet (30 meters) below the surface.

The Landing Craft Utility (L.C.U.) Wreck Dive

Located very close to the 29 Down wreck and at a total depth of 85 feet (30 meters), is Oahu’s famous L.C.U. This shipwreck sank upside-down, creating a unique experience for any diver. Whitetip Reef Sharks live under the ship and can be found resting on the ocean floor during the day. Up towards the “bottom” of the boat, divers often see fish swimming upside-down! Around the ship are many Z-blocks, placed by the state to create artificial reefs in order to boost fish populations.

Other options for scuba diving near Aulani

While these are our favorite dive sites near Aulani Disney Resort in Ko Olina, there are many more to explore! Call us today or book online to reserve a spot scuba diving in one of these magnificent locations.