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With the next surfing season approaching us in Hawaii, its time to start training apnea before the waves get here. It will give you confidence to surf bigger and better! Our next apnea course is the perfect opportunity to develop your breath hold ability and surf survival skills. 

Hawaii Eco Divers is offering a free spot at the next Apnea & Surf Survival course!

It will be two full days of breath hold training, surf survival, and rescue skills in order to get you ready to surf solid waves and be in total control of your mind and fears. Read more about the apnea course here.

What to do in order to get you free spot:

  1. Tag 5 of your best friends on our last apnea Instagram post at @hawaiiecodivers (be sure to tag us!)
  2. Share this post on your Facebook account and tag Hawaii Eco Divers‘ Facebook (must have liked our page)
  3. Send us an email at with your name in order to be drawn.  The person will be selected by email.

The value of this apnea training course is $350.00 and you also be invited to come to all future courses for free.  It’s a life time pass!  All you have to do is to help us promote the apnea course.

Dates for the next apnea courses:
  • Oahu, Hawaii – Sept 2/3 ;  Nov 17/18
  • Brazil – Sept 22/23 ; Sept 28/29
  • Chile – Oct 6/7  ; Oct 13/14
  • Huntington Beach, California – Nov 3/4


Apnea & Surfing Survival class outline

This apnea course is designed with only one goal in mind; to increase your breath hold ability in tense situations underwater, while remaining calm and in total control of your mind. This training, designed for surfers, will teach you different techniques of apnea and breathing exercises to fully oxygenate the body, strengthen and increase capacity of the lungs. The class is designed to help you spend more time underwater through lectures, intense breath hold training and multiple breathing and swimming exercises. It’s purpose is to aid surfers in dealing with extreme situations where mind control and calmness are the main factors for your survival.

In addition to apnea theory and breathing techniques to maximize oxygenation and breath hold, we will be emphasizing High Surf Risk Management in order to recognize, minimize or avoid unnecessary risks found in the surf zone.  We will also present and work on many “Surf Rescue” scenarios encountered in the sport of surfing and other water activities.  The apnea course will cover the importance of providing CPR and Rescue Breath skills to unconscious victims.

This class is divided in three parts:

THEORY (4 hours)

Apnea Course Surf Survival theory class

We will study in depth the physiology of apnea through academic information. This information is very significant when we push our body to the limit. Understanding what causes our body to black out during breath hold training exercises, and how to identify signs and symptoms of hypoxia is crucial in order to train safely.  High surf risk management, emergency action planning, dealing with panic will also be studied in the academic development portion of the course.




Apnea & surf survival course at Hawaii Eco Divers

At the pool, before we start the apnea training, we will present some rescues skills in order to train apnea safely with a partner.  We will put into practice proper ventilation and breath ups, in order to perform numerous underwater exercises.  Each exercise simulate a real situation found in the surfing environment. Surfers will work with a training partner through the entire class. 





Two surfers underwater practicing apnea and surf survival skills at apnea course

We will start the second day with CPR training and breathing exercises, followed by a full O2 table apnea practice. This is when people get their personal best (most get 3 minutes, with some people holding for 4 and even 5 minutes).  Later, in the water we will present more dynamic apnea and survival skills before we move into the surf rescue part of the course.  This is when surfers learn tools that could help them save lives. At the end, we will focus again on the stress apnea exercise simulating a wipe out or a long hold down.





You will be provided with a self studying manual that must be read entirely prior to the beginning of the class. You must complete the knowledge review and bring the answers to the first day of the apnea course.

These are the main aspects of the training:

• Physiology of Apnea;

• Proper breathing exercises to improve ventilation and strengthening of the lungs;

• Safety;

• Static Apnea;

• Dynamic Apnea;

• Stressed Apnea;

• Risks and dangers of training apnea;

• Surviving a massive wipe out;

• Risk management and emergency action plan;

• Surfing Rescue skills;

• CPR and rescue breath.   

This course will make a difference in the way you breathe and surf!

Sign up for the the next course in Hawaii! Click here!

Apnea & surf survival course with Hawaii Eco Divers

Apnea & surf survival course with Hawaii Eco Divers

The course is taught by Ricardo Taveira,  Master Diver Instructor – Apnea & Surf Survival Trainer – Big Wave Surfer with over 30 years of surfing experience.

Ricardo Taveira, Diver instructor at Hawaii Eco Divers Surfing Jaws

Scuba Diver underwater in Oahu, Hawaii

Padi Master Diver Trainer








Hawaii Eco Divers is a scuba dive company located on the North Shore of Oahu. We offer scuba dive tours, certifications, apnea and surf survival courses in Oahu, Hawaii.


Teaching apnea & surf survival class in Chile