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a person swimming in the water

Diving in Hawaii is not a privilege only for certified divers, but also for beginners who want to live this fantastic experience for the first time! The type diving known as “baptism” in some places is equivalent to the Discovery Scuba Diving program at Hawaii Eco Divers. With the accompaniment of an experienced PADI instructor, the participants have a brief theoretical lesson about diving theory and receive orientations on how to properly operate the equipment. Then it’s time to go to the water to do basic exercises (such as disgorging the mask and regaining the regulator) and then finally dive for the first time and see up close several species of rich Hawaiian marine life!


Boat or shore dive

During the winter in Hawaii (October to April), Discovery Scuba Diving program is done by boat in the South Shore of Oahu, in Honolulu (about 10 minutes drive from Waikiki). The meeting time is usually at 10:45 am at Kewalos Basin Harbor. Price is $ 149 + tax per person and includes two tanks and full equipment. If you do the program during the summer (May to September), you can do a shore dive at Sharks Cove on the North Shore, instead of a boat dive. In that case the price is $ 109 + tax per person including one tank and full equipment.

There are many dive sites around Oahu and we always choose the best ones so our customers are safe and have the best diving experience possible! The beginner diving classes have a maximum of four divers, so the instructor can give each one the proper attention. Book your dive in Hawaii with Hawaii Eco Divers: INFO@HAWAIIECODIVERS.COM