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a person swimming in the water

Hawaii Eco Divers exclusive apnea traning season was very successful in Chile! Ricardo Taveira has been traveling all over the country teaching class for  in places such as Pichilemu, Valparaíso, Concon, Arica, Iquique e Antofagasta. “I am extremaly gratefull for this opportunity to teach all of these classses and help people to improve their breathing techniques and be better prepared for rescue and survival situations”, said Hawaii Eco Divers owner.

Iquique hosted the largest class Ricardo has ever thought, with 75 surfers, bodysurfers and bodyboarders of the community that trained hard, including the coordinators of the water security of the city and all its life guards team. Hawaii Eco Divers sends a big mahalo (“thank you”, in Hawaiian) for Gonzalo Sepulveda and Rodrigo Carroza for their support to make that happen!



Antofagasta was the last city to host the training on this South American season (pictures to be posted soon). Next apnea training will be on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii, on December 2nd and 3rd. Contact us for more info if you like more to participate: [email protected]