South East Coast

the best dive sites in oahu!

Hawaii Eco Divers will make sure you always dive the best sites possible during your trip in Hawaii.

The South East coast of Oahu has some great drift dives. The most requested dive is the famous Corsair where the visibility is always 100 ft+. Usually the second dive of the day is a drift on a wall or a shallow reef area. The amazing thing about diving the South East is that the dive sites are located between two visible volcanos in an area called Maunalua Bay. One of the best dives is on outside wall of Koko Crater, where you can easily see many layers of volcanic eruption underwater.

Hanauma Bay

Depth 15-60 ft./ 5-20 m.  Shore dive.  Hanauma Bay is a conservation district and one of the postcards of Oahu.  This is a volcanic crater that has been flooded.  A part of the wall collapsed, making it one of the most beautiful beaches you will ever see, but overcrowded with hundreds of tourists visiting on a daily basis.  Great place for snorkeling and shore dives, with lots of walls and reef to explore.  Visibility 20-100 ft./ 6-33 m.  Divers of all levels will enjoy.

Algels Reef

Anglers Reef & Koko Crater

Depth 40 ft./ 13 m.  Boat/reef dive.   A great place for beginners.  Lots of eels, turtles, nudibranch, and Hawaiian reef fish in abundance.  There ar some statues sank by a local dive company to let this site more exciting. This site is often dove at night, where crustaceans and Spanish Dancers cruise along the ledges. Visibility 40ft – 100ft/ 15m – 35m.

Baby Barge

Baby Barge

Depth 85 ft./ 27 m.  Wreck dive.  This is the most exciting of the three barges located in the area.  The reason why is the surrounding reef, which attracts a large amount of marine life, including sharks, large turtles, rays, eels, and a good chance to see the rare Hawaiian turkey fish.  This is an excellent dive on a good day.  This can also be a good drift dive when the current is strong, leading you to another barge about 200 meters away.

Fantasy Reef

Fantasy Reef

Depth 45 ft./ 15 m.  Boat/drift dive.  One of the most beautiful reef sites on Oahu.  Drift is the only way to dive here, making it a very adventurous coarse.  Turtles, eagle rays, white tip reef sharks, lobsters, and even galapagos sharks can be seen here.  Intermediate to advanced.  Visibility 60-120 ft./ 20-40 m.

Portlock Wall

Portlock Wall (or China Wall)

Depth 35-100 ft./12-33 m.  Wall drift dive.  Usually done as a second dive after Corsair, this is one of the most exciting dives on Oahu!  The sea cave, located on the south side of the wall, is one of the best options, where the boat drops you off in front of a gigantic sea cave, where Hawaiian monk seals and sharks can be found resting on the inside.  The opening at the end of the cave allows light to penetrate through, illuminating the entire inside.  As soon as you leave the cave, you will start to drift full speed ahead towards Hanauma Bay along the wall.  Most Hawaiian endemic species of fish found here.  Visibility 60-150 ft./ 20-50 m.



Depth 107 ft./35 m.  Wreck dive.  The Corsair is the only non-artificial wreck in Oahu.  In 1946, the pilot of this airplane ditched it as it was running out of fuel off Hawaii Kai.  Although he managed to escape and survive, the plane remains intact at the bottom of the ocean at 105 feet.  This is one of a few sites that hundreds of endemic garden eels can be seen, where they are always surrounding the wreck and playing hide-and-seek with the divers.  Large stingrays often visit the area as well.  This site has one of the best visibilities of the island, an average day being 100 feet.   However, visibility reaches close to 180 feet/ 60m. at best!  Intermediate to advanced dive.

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