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a man swimming in a body of water

Scuba Diving can be intimidating for all ages. But how young is too young?

Scuba diving is an exciting adventure that practically anybody can learn and enjoy. In fact, every year, people of all ages are discovering the wonders of scuba diving.

While there are some minimum age restrictions, scuba agencies have lowered these for certifications. There are now modified non-certification programs for children as young as 8 years old that allow the youngest divers to be introduced to scuba diving under strict supervision and at maximum depths of only 6 feet.

Junior Divers Scuba Diving

Many scuba diving training facilities offer certification for children between the ages of 10 and 12 years old. These “junior divers” typically dive under the supervision of a scuba professional or scuba certified adult at limited depths.

Once children reach the ages of 15 to 16, they can receive the same scuba certification as adults. Of course, it is always up to their parents to decide whether they are mature enough emotionally and physically to participate in scuba certification programs.

Older Adults Scuba Diving

There is no maximum age limit on older adults who want to learn how to scuba dive! As long as they have the physical and mental conditioning to participate in the sport, they can learn.

Many older adults are still enjoying scuba diving well into their 70s and even their 80s! People with handicaps also participate in scuba diving activities with the assistance of specially trained diving instructors.

Scuba diving is a non-discriminatory sport and is enjoyed by most people groups. Aside from willingness, the only qualifications for scuba diving are:

  1. Physically healthy enough to handle the equipment
  2. Emotionally mature enough to understand the rules
  3. Able to take responsibility for the safety of yourself and your diving partner

With these qualities, you will be able to enjoy scuba diving for you entire life!

Scuba Diving Oahu at any age

Alright, alright, so no matter how young, how old, or your physical disabilities, you are able to scuba dive. Now what? You choose the place you want to experience this magic. For this, we have one recommendation: scuba diving Oahu. Hawaii Eco Divers offers scuba diving for all ages and qualifications, year round. Check our our diving options to start embarking on this journey.