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paradiseOne of the biggest benefits of scuba diving is that it is a sport that you can do practically anywhere there is water.

As any scuba diver can tell you, there is an entirely different world beneath the water’s surface. Scuba divers are one of the few people who get to experience these amazing, colorful and entertaining places up close.

While any underwater location is ideal for scuba diving, some places offer more than others in terms of wildlife, scenery, an underwater excitement.

Coral Reefs

Coral reefs are among the most popular scuba diving locations. That’s because coral is actually a living organism that grows, changes shape, and takes on a different appearance every time you see it.

Coral reefs also are home to the biggest variety of aquatic life, from spectacularly colored fish to alien-looking jellyfish to quick-moving eels and many, many others.

You can spend your entire scuba diving day simply being amazed by the diversity of color and life on a coral reef. Or watch as the changing angles of light throughout the day can make the same reef look entirely different from minute to minute.


If you are looking for underwater adventure and excitement, shipwrecks offer scuba divers both.

Given the long history of sea navigation, there usually are many shipwrecks near any largely populated island or continent. While some — such as the Titanic in the North Atlantic — are so deep they can only be accessed by crews in pressurized submarines, many others are located relatively close to the surface and are easily accessible to even the most recent scuba diver.

Underwater Volcanoes

One of the biggest magnets that draw scuba divers to Hawaii is the plethora of underwater volcanoes to explore.

There’s nothing more exciting or mysterious than swimming inside the cone of a dormant submerged volcano, or exploring it exterior walls of the volcano that are rich with sea life.