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Chris Owens surviving at Mavericks, California.

The Apnea & Surf Survival training has been saving lives. This time, veteran surfer from the North Shore and legendary ocean paddler Chris Owens survived a massive 1 minute wipe out at Maverick during the historical swell that hit the West Coast of the United States a few days ago. The giant swell that was considered one of the biggest of the last 20 years according to experts surf forecasters, was too big for the Mavericks Big Wave invitational contest but didn’t stop the best big wave surfers in the world from flying in to California to get a piece of this historical day. Luckily, Chris survived and had a spiritual moment to feel the presence of old friends who passed away surfing at the very same spot where it happened.

Chris Owens, to the right, next to some of the best big wave surfers of the planet.

Words by Chris Owens “Yesterday I went down and said hello to my friends Mark Foo and Sion Milosky, after a mistake on my stance on the initial take off, front foot off center, I finally found out after 4 times surfing this break, what it’s like to to wipe out at Mavs. Witnesses said my board was tomb stoning then it went under water then it popped back up and I was still under as I was still swimming back to the surface, I just told myself don’t let go, as I felt a second roller go over me, by then my lungs wanted to breath water so bad, but my mind held on ,I finally surfaced took a deep breath and Will Patton was right there on the ski . He ask me if I’m okay, I gave him the thumbs up, as I paddled to the channel, then he let me sit up on his sled to rest. I was lucky I did my Co2. apnea tables for weeks every night before this trip, because I don’t think I could of held on if I didn’t train for this. One photographer said I was under for a minute and although I actually didn’t get dizzy, it’s always best to call it a day after an event like this. Thanks Ricardo Taveira for teaching me . Photo’s frame grab from Sam Sykes video”

Chris Owens is a very respected all around watermen in Oahu, Hawaii. Waimea Bay

The Apnea & Surf Survival course is a great way to let surfers and divers aware of their limits. Surfers from all levels can benefit from this course by understanding what causes the urge to breathe and being able to manipulate it until the necessity to breathe comes.

Apnea & Surf Survival course at Hawaii Eco Divers.

Breath hold is a science! Anyone can learn how to hold breath for up to 5 minutes or longer with proper breathing exercises. There are different apnea trainings for different purposes but basically anyone can do it. It will give surfers the confidence they need to feel safer at pushing their limits but also provide them with a great understanding of when their body is ready to shut down. Breathing exercises will also create more focus, increase energy levels and mental awareness on any situation in life. And if you have to hold your breath longer, you can do it more easily with less suffering. Never train apnea underwater by yourself!


The next Apnea & Surf Survival course in Oahu happens on January 20th and 21st. Sign up here

Hawaii Eco Divers is a dive company located in Haleiwa on the North Shore of Oahu. We offer scuba dive tours and Padi certification courses at the best dive sites of Oahu. We also offer Apnea & Surf Survival courses in Hawaii and around the world.