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Apnea & Surf Survival Training is invaluable for anyone who spends time in the ocean: surfers, lifeguards, distance swimmers and divers. Increase your survival potential and improve your breath hold skills in our full 2 day seminar.

Hawaii Eco Divers brings the Apnea Training and Surf Survival course

back to California, October 2019.

Big Wave Surfer and Professional Diver Ricardo Taveira, founder of Hawaii Eco Divers, has been teaching Apnea and Surf Survival for years, improving surfers’ safety in Hawaii and around the world. This course is designed with only one goal in mind: to increase your breath hold capability in tense situations underwater while remaining calm and in total control of your mind. Courses will be held in Pacifica and Huntington Beach. Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity.

Apnea Training for Surfers

How long can you hold your breath without panicking? The average surfer will be held underwater for only 12-30 seconds but as anyone who’s ever been in that situation knows, it can feel like an eternity. When panic sets in the urge to breath can become overpowering and life threatening. Holding your breath for 1 minute while floating in a pool is very different from holding your breath for 1 minute while the surf pounds you from all directions and you don’t know which way is up.

This apnea training for surfers teaches different techniques of apnea and breathing exercises to fully oxygenate the body. These help to strengthen and increase the capacity of your lungs. Longer breath-hold is a natural consequence of the deep breathing exercises.

Beyond the physical capabilities of your lungs, this course will enhance your mental capacity to deal with stress and danger. Therefore, surfers will be better equipped to deal with extreme situations where mind control and calmness are the main factors for your survival.

We will be emphasizing High Surf Risk Management in order to recognize, minimize or avoid unnecessary risks found in the surf zone. Together, the class will work through various surf rescue scenarios and learn valuable rescue strategies based on the specific situation at hand.

Locations and dates:

Pacifica, October 12th/13th –  Address: Jean E. Brink Pool, 401 Paloma Ave. Pacifica.  Sign up here Apnea & Surf Survival Pacifica

Huntington Beach, October 19th/20th – Address: Los Amigos High School, 16566 Newhope St, Fountain Valley, CA  Sign up here Apnea & Surf Survival Huntington Beach

Price: $350 + tax

Course Structure

The class is designed to help you spend more time underwater through lectures, intense breath hold training and multiple breathing and swimming exercises. Through two days of classroom, pool, and ocean training, you will practice:

  • Physiology of Apnea
  • Proper breathing exercises to improve ventilation and strengthening of the lungs
  • Safety
  • Static Apnea
  • Dynamic Apnea
  • Stressed Apnea
  • Risks and dangers of training apnea
  • Surviving a massive wipe out
  • Risk management and emergency action plan
  • Rescue skills
  • CPR

Tested and Proven Results

Over many years, hundreds of people have become better watermen and safer surfers because of this course. Lifeguards, firefighters, athletes, professional surfers, military, navy, police officers and more attest to how valuable our apnea training can be.

Watch Billabong team manager and professional surfer Rainos Hayes in one of our courses in Hawaii: Professional Surfers learning with Hawaii Eco Divers


Your Instructor

Ricardo Taveira @ Hawaii Eco Divers
Padi Master Diver Trainer
Rescue Diver & Apnea Instructor
EFR – CPR Instructor at American Heart Association
Big wave surfer with 30 years of surfing experience

Written by Shawnee Canjura