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Shark Diving No CageOne of our favorite television events each year is “Shark Week” on Discovery Television. For seven days and nights, the station features documentaries, films, and other features about the many different sharks that swim the world’s oceans.

This year, they network is trying something new. It is promoting “Shark Week” by sponsoring a race between Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps and a Great White Shark.

While details about how exactly the 23-time Gold Medal winner will race the man-eating Great White are scarce, the news that the race will take place at all already has captured the public’s imagination.

Oahu Shark Cage Diving Hawaii — Swimming with ¬†Sharks

While it is unlikely that the Discovery Channel will put Phelps in any real danger, the outcome of the race will be interesting. Even the fastest human swimmers can swim no faster than 6 mph. Great Whites, on the other hand can swim up to 25 to 30 mph.

They also have more than 300 razor sharp teeth that can easily tear apart even the most muscle-bound human flesh.

Oahu Shark Cage Diving ¬†Hawaii — See Sharks Up Close and Personal

If you want to experience a shark interaction in person, we don’t recommend a swimming race. Instead, all you need to do is book an Oahu shark cage diving Hawaii adventure with Hawaii Eco Divers.

When you are submerged in a cage in shark-infested waters, you will be as close as you possibly can be with many different types of sharks, including possibly Great Whites, without ever being in any real danger.

While we are looking forward to this year’s “Shark Week”, at Hawaii Eco Divers every week is shark week. Now, it can be your own personal Shark Week.

Book your adventure today and experience sharks up close and personal from the safety of an iron cage.

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