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Highly recommended for anyone visiting Hawaii, helicopter tours guarantee a privileged perspective of the archipelago’s islands. Some rides explore only one island and some explore more than one. To see the active volcanoes of the Big Island, for example, it is an incomparable view! Learn more about the most popular tours on each island:

a close up of a rock


In Oahu you can see the beautiful Waikiki, the crater of Diamond Head volcano, gourgeous Hanauma Bay, Waimanalo Beach, Kaneohe, Pearl Harbor and other historic sites. Mountains, waterfalls and cliffs make the view even more amazing.

Big Island

Big Island has a shorter ride of 50 minutes that flies over the Volcanoes National Park and its most actives volcanoes in the world. This tour starts in Hilo and is totally focused in areas of volcanic activity with eruptions that can be clearly seen during the ride. Another longer ride, that lasts two hours, starts in Waikoloa (near Kona) and flies not only the Volcanoes National Park but also the Kohala Coast and throughout east and central coast.


To fly over Maui you can choose between a shorter ride (30 minutes), which flies over the mountains, cliffs and forests of the West side, or a one-hour ride that circulates throughout the island. You can also combine Maui (West side) + Molokai (50 minutes) or Maui (complete) + Big Island (north side).


Kauai tour lasts 55 minutes and explore the whole island, including the famous Napali Coast and its magnificent cliffs meeting the sea.

Hawaii Eco Divers offers helicopter tour in partnership with reliable local companies. For prices ​​and more information, please contact us at [email protected] email. Aloha!