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a statue of a manWhen you have an underwater adventure with Hawaii Eco Divers, you are likely to see all types of sea life, including colorful exotic fish, sharks, and possibly even whales.

But a common type of sea creature that excites our guests the most is sea turtles. There are thousands, possibly even tens of thousands, of sea turtles inhabiting the waters in and around Hawaii.

So the odds of your running into a few are pretty high.

Scuba Diving Hawaii — Sea Turtle Facts

Sea turtles actually live all over the world. And they come in many shapes, types, and colors. Like other reptiles, sea turtles are cold-blooded, have a three-chambered heart, and have a tough, scaly outer skin.

While many sea turtles prefer cooler water, there are plenty that enjoy the tropical waters around Hawaii. Sea turtles live in the ocean, but they also can be found in lagoons, bays, or anywhere along the shoreline.

Some sea turtles are migratory, swimming hundreds of miles out to sea some of the time and returning to Hawaii’s beaches to lay eggs and raise their young at others.

Scuba Diving Hawaii — Splendid Creatures Under the Sea

Sea turtles spend most of their time in the water. But they will make their way onto the beach to mate and lay eggs.

The hydrodynamic design of their bodies makes them excellent swimmers. While turtles tend to move quite slowly while on land, once they are in their natural element they can surprise you with how fast they can swim.

Generally, sea turtles are docile. While they don’t enjoy interacting directly with humans, they usually will tolerate our presence.

Sea turtles probably won’t let you get close enough to touch them, but they will allow you to bask in their magnificent presence, in most cases.

When you set out on your underwater adventure, make sure to bring your waterproof camera so you can snap some pictures of these incredible sea creatures.