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a man in a pool of water

There are many ways to experience the undersea world surrounding the Hawaiian Islands.

Some people may choose to simply admire the oceans from the land. Standing on the beach or the deck of a boat, you can often see porpoises diving playfully in the water. At certain times of the year, you may even be able to enjoy the sight of a whale cresting above the waves.

Oahu Scuba Diving — Scuba vs Snorkeling

Many other people prefer to experience sea life up close and personal. That requires actually going into the water.

There essentially are two ways to go beneath the ocean’s surface. The first and simplest is snorkeling.

Snorkeling usually requires a mask that fits around your eyes and a breathing tube that has a hole that remains above the water’s surface. Typically, the tube attaches to the side of the mask so that it easily remains in the proper position.

The benefit of snorkeling is that it allows you to see into the water without having to constantly keep going up for air. The downside is that you can’t easily dive very low beneath the surface.

Oahu Scuba Diving — Scuba Gear

To get lower into the water, where you can explore reefs as well as other types of sub-surface sea life, you generally need scuba gear.

Scuba is actually an acronym that stands for “self-contained underwater breathing apparatus”. Essentially, it involves the use of tanks that contain breathable air that allows swimmers to stay beneath the water’s surface for longer periods of time.

Because it is more involved than snorkeling, scuba diving typically requires some specialized training. But practically anybody can learn everything they need to have a fun, exciting, and safe scuba diving experience in just a couple of hours at Hawaii Eco Divers.

After you learn the essentials, we can then take you on an underwater scuba diving adventure you will never forget.