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Guiding Scuba Dive Tours on Oahu as a PADI Divemaster


Taking a boat tour of Hawaii will give you some spectacular views of the surrounding area, but if you truly want to explore the great state of Hawaii, you should think about going scuba diving. Learn more about Hawaii scuba diving, including the types of tours you can go on and the available certifications.

Scuba Diving for Non-Certified Divers

You do not need any experience to go on a scuba diving excursion. For non-certified divers, scuba diving tours begin with an introduction to diving. They will cover the key safety techniques for ensuring a pleasurable diving experience. This includes a thorough explanation of how to use the scuba diving equipment.

After you have completed your introduction to scuba diving, you will then board a boat for a tour and a dive. The location of the dive is predetermined. Experienced guides pick out the best spots for viewing marine life up close. You can get excellent views of fish, turtles, and coral reefs.

As part of your dive, your instructors should provide you with interesting and fun facts about the local marine life. Learn more about the environment as you explore it firsthand.

PADI Dive Certifications

If you want to receive a scuba diving certification in order to go on more elaborate and exciting dives, certification training is available. You can choose from multiple certification classes. This could include open water classes, advanced open water classes, rescue diver certification, and other classes. Some of these certifications may be necessary for going on deeper dives and exploring wrecks.

For those that are interested in exploring more of the waters around Hawaii, you should look into booking a scuba diving lesson and tour. These tours are fun for the entire family and as a bonus – you will discover more about the marine life of Hawaii.