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diving oahu

divingDiving is a fun, exciting activity. But diving alone is never a good idea. There’s simply too many things that could potentially go wrong. And when you need help, you want to be sure there’s somebody there to provide it.

Divers are trained to use the “buddy system” to reduce risk and improve safety. But diving is an experience that’s better when it’s shared with somebody else anyway.

Self-Reliance Is Critical

While it’s important to always dive with other people, it’s also critical that you are self-reliant. For the safest and best experience, you need to make informed decisions about your safety without having to rely on other people to think for you.

It begins with your diving equipment. Make sure it’s in optimal condition and has been properly maintained and serviced. It’s never a good idea to try to modify your equipment outside of the original design of the manufacturer.

Before you get into the water, make sure you have all of the equipment you need for the type of diving you will be doing. Use a checklist so that you don’t discover that y9ou are missing an essential piece of equipment when you most need it.

ABC: ‘Always Be Cool’

The most important thing while diving is that you always keep your cool — even if something goes wrong.

The maxim we teach our students is, “Stop, Breath, Think, Act”. If you are having some problem underwater, it’s critical to keep in mind that if you are still breathing, then you still have time to deal with the problem.

Bolting for the surface is dangerous. Instead, don’t panic, take a moment to pause and get your thoughts together, and then work toward the solution to your problem. It’s moments like these that you will be happy you have a diving buddy nearby.