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Oahu Diving


Enjoy Oahu Diving

More people than you might imagine are actually afraid to go into the water. But snorkeling and scuba diving are actually some of the safest adventures you can have — especially when you are surrounded by experienced, qualified guides who know what they are doing.

Causes of Diving Phobia

The biggest reason some people are afraid of ocean diving is because they aren’t confident about their swimming skills. Fear of death by drowning is a legitimate concern.

If you are unsure about your swimming ability, there are a couple of options. The first is to practice your swimming prior to going on your diving adventure. You may even want to sign up for swim lessons at your local swimming pool to refresh your knowledge and skills.

The second is to use external flotation devices during your dive. This may keep you from going deeper, but it also will give you buoyancy so that you can float on top of the water.

Oahu Diving – One of the best scuba diving spot in the world.

Another thing we see a lot is people who are afraid of what creatures may be lurking beneath the surface of the water. Namely, sharks.

There are two things to keep in mind about sharks:

1.) Most sharks are non-aggressive towards humans. They are more afraid of you than you are of them and normally will keep their distance.

2.) Predatory sharks are relatively rare in areas where humans swim. Movies, TVs and books have exaggerated the risk and fed the fears of many people unnecessarily. And when the rare shark attack does occur, it becomes global news, reinforcing people’s fear of these creatures.

No commercial dive companies would purposely put their customers at risk. If sharks are seen in the area — and, by the way, our sophisticated sonar equipment can normally tell if there are any sharks around — cages are used to protect divers from any danger.