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a person riding a surf board on a body of water

Kayaking is one of the most rewarding recreational activities you can do. Not only does it let you get out directly in the middle of nature, but it also is physically strenuous, building both upper body strength and cardiovascular ability.

But kayaking also has something of a reputation as being a little dangerous. Many people who have never kayaked before think that if you tip over, you will drown. Or that it’s easy to get hurt bumping into rocks on fast moving whitewater.

Most of these are myths perpetuated by years of movies and TV shows. In fact, kayaking is perfectly safe. And kayaking in Oahu is safer than just about anywhere else.

Kayaking in Oahu — Why It’s Safer

The risks most people worry about with kayaking aren’t real. If you tip over, you can simply swim out of the kayak to the water surface and safety. And only fools would kayak in fast-moving white water without training and experience.

Other risks are real. These include things like hypothermia and exposure to dangerous animals like snakes and alligators.

Fortunately, the risk of encountering any of these risks while kayaking in Oahu are practically zero. The average temperature of Oahu is a low of 66 degrees F and a high of 80.1 degrees F. So there is little risk of hypothermia.

There also aren’t any snakes or alligators in Oahu. About the most dangerous creature you are likely to encounter is a wild chicken.

Kayaking in Oahu — Hawaii Eco Divers

If you are still concerned about the safety of kayaking in Oahu, then all you need to do is let Hawaii Eco Divers handle all the training and planning for you.

We specialize in helping new and inexperienced kayakers learn more about this satisfying, invigorating sport.

With Hawaii Eco Divers, you literally have nothing to worry about while kayaking in Oahu.