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Hawaii Eco Divers’s Apnea and Surf Survival Training is making its way to South America in May. The course will be held in Peru, Brazil and Chile. The main purpose of the training is to prepare surfers to be able to overcome the mental challenges associated with breath hold during a long underwater hold down.


Developed by surfer, professional diver and owner at Hawaii Eco Divers, Ricardo Taveira, the program involves theory development, pool sessions, breathing exercises and open water training and helps students to improve their breath hold skills and by activating and exercising the respiratory muscles. It also focus on high risk surf management and essential surf rescue and survival skills with anaerobic activities underwater and wipeouts simulations for the athlete to practice their mind control skills during critical moments, assuring more safety and comfort.

Some Big names of the big wave surf scene have participated in the training with Hawaii Eco Divers suchas the current world surf champion Adriano de Souza, Billabong Jr team, Nathan Fletcher, Jamie Sterling, Carlos Burle, Trevor Carlson, Dennis Pang, Chris Owens among many others surfers.

CHILE – May 7 to 16
BRASIL – May 17 to June 7
PERU – June 7 to 14


More info: [email protected]



Phone: 1 808 499 9177


Photo: Hugh Gentry