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Aloha and welcome to a transformative journey that transcends the boundaries of the ocean to touch the shores of South America! This May, Hawaii Eco Divers is excited to bring our renowned Apnea and Surf Survival Training to the vibrant countries of Peru, Brazil, and Chile. Led by the visionary surfer, professional diver, and esteemed owner, Ricardo Taveira, this comprehensive program is designed to equip surfers with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to embrace the majestic power of the ocean with grace and safety.

Empowering Surfers with Breath-Hold Mastery

At the heart of our training lies a deep commitment to helping surfers overcome the mental and physical challenges posed by long underwater hold-downs—a critical aspect of big wave surfing. Developed through years of expertise and passion, Ricardo Taveira’s program is a holistic blend of theory development, practical pool sessions, targeted breathing exercises, and dynamic open water training. Participants will embark on a journey to significantly improve their breath-hold capabilities, activate and strengthen respiratory muscles, and master high-risk surf management techniques.

This program is meticulously designed as a holistic journey that integrates a rigorous theoretical foundation with practical, hands-on experiences. It begins with an in-depth exploration of the physiological and psychological aspects of apnea, providing surfers with a solid theoretical understanding of what occurs in the body and mind during extended periods of breath-hold. This knowledge is crucial for developing strategies to remain calm and composed under the intense pressure of a hold-down situation. In the safety of the pool, participants engage in carefully structured sessions that simulate the conditions and challenges of the open ocean. These sessions are tailored to gradually increase in intensity, allowing surfers to acclimate to the sensations of breath-hold in a controlled environment. Through these exercises, surfers learn to fine-tune their breathing, enhancing lung capacity and efficiency, which are vital for extending breath-hold durations.

Beyond the pool, targeted breathing exercises form the cornerstone of the training, aimed at activating and fortifying the respiratory muscles. These exercises are designed not only to improve physical capabilities but also to instill a sense of inner peace and focus, enabling surfers to access a state of calm amidst the chaos of the surf. The practice of controlled breathing is instrumental in managing anxiety and panic, ensuring that surfers can maintain their composure and make clear-headed decisions under duress. The culmination of the training occurs in the open water, where the theoretical knowledge and pool-honed skills are put to the ultimate test. Dynamic open water sessions challenge participants to apply their newly acquired breath-hold techniques and mental strategies in real-world scenarios. This includes mastering high-risk surf management techniques, navigating wipeouts with confidence, and executing efficient surf rescues. These sessions are critical for translating the skills learned in the theoretical and pool phases into actionable strategies that enhance safety and performance in the unpredictable environment of big wave surfing.

Throughout this comprehensive journey, participants are guided to unlock their potential, significantly improving their breath-hold capabilities, and empowering them with the skills to activate and strengthen their respiratory muscles effectively. More importantly, the program fosters a deep connection with the ocean, encouraging surfers to approach big wave challenges with respect, preparedness, and an elevated sense of awareness. By mastering high-risk surf management techniques and embracing the holistic approach to surf survival advocated by Ricardo Taveira, surfers emerge from the training not just as more competent athletes but as ambassadors of safety and respect in the surfing community.

Essential Surf Rescue and Survival Skills

Our comprehensive course at Hawaii Eco Divers meticulously extends beyond the foundational aspects of breath-hold training to encompass a wide array of critical surf rescue and survival skills, tailored anaerobic underwater exercises, and highly realistic wipeout simulations. This multifaceted approach is ingeniously designed to fortify surfers not just physically but mentally, equipping them with the resilience, composure, and tactical control essential for navigating the high-stakes scenarios that the ocean’s unpredictable nature often presents.

  1. Elevating Surf Safety and Performance. In the dynamic realm of surfing, where each wave can offer a unique challenge, the incorporation of essential surf rescue techniques stands paramount. Our training delves deep into the mechanics of efficient surf rescues, ensuring surfers are well-prepared to assist themselves and others in emergency situations. This knowledge is crucial, transforming each participant not only into a better surfer but also into a vigilant guardian of the surf community.
  2. Building Strength and Endurance. The course further distinguishes itself by introducing surfers to specialized anaerobic underwater activities. These exercises are meticulously crafted to simulate the demanding conditions surfers face when tackled by a wave, emphasizing the development of endurance and strength without reliance on oxygen. This training is pivotal in enhancing a surfer’s ability to maintain physical effort and mental clarity during extended hold-downs, ensuring they emerge ready to tackle the next challenge.
  3. Realistic Wipeout Simulations. Perhaps the most transformative aspect of our training involves the realistic wipeout simulations. These simulations are designed to replicate the disorienting and often intimidating experience of being caught in a powerful wave, providing a safe environment for surfers to practice and perfect their response strategies. By confronting these scenarios head-on, participants learn to master their fear, turning potentially panic-inducing moments into opportunities for calm, calculated action. This aspect of the training is instrumental in fostering a mindset where calmness and assurance become the default responses to critical situations.

The Holistic Approach to Surf Survival

By weaving together these essential practices, our course offers a holistic approach to surf survival that significantly enhances the safety, comfort, and performance of surfers in the water. Participants leave the training not only with improved physical capabilities but with a profound mental toolkit designed to prepare them for the ocean’s unpredictability. This comprehensive preparation ensures that surfers can face the challenges posed by the sea with confidence, embodying the spirit of resilience and preparedness that defines the true essence of surfing.

In embracing the full spectrum of surf rescue and survival skills, anaerobic conditioning, and wipeout management, surfers are empowered to approach their passion with a renewed sense of security and mastery. This elevated level of readiness is what sets participants of Hawaii Eco Divers’ training apart, preparing them to navigate the ever-changing conditions of the ocean with grace and adeptness. Through this program, surfers gain not just a set of skills but a transformative perspective on surfing, safety, and the profound respect for the ocean that guides every wave rider’s journey.

Trusted by the World’s Big Wave Elite

The efficacy and impact of our Apnea and Surf Survival Training are evidenced by the participation of some of the most revered names in the big wave surf scene. World surf champions like Adriano de Souza, members of the Billabong Jr team, Nathan Fletcher, Jamie Sterling, Carlos Burle, Trevor Carlson, Dennis Pang, and Chris Owens, among many others, have all trusted Hawaii Eco Divers to elevate their skills and readiness for the formidable challenges of big wave surfing.

Join Us in South America

Our South American tour schedule is as follows, offering ample opportunities for surfers across the continent to join us:

  • Chile: May 7 to 16
  • Brazil: May 17 to June 7
  • Peru: June 7 to 14

Dive into this unique opportunity to deepen your connection with the ocean, enhance your surf survival skills, and join a growing community of mindful, empowered surfers. For more information and to secure your spot in our Apnea and Surf Survival Training in South America, please reach out to us at

Resources for Further Exploration

To further your understanding and preparation for big wave surfing and apnea training, we recommend exploring the following resources:

  • The World Surf League (WSL) stands at the forefront of professional surfing, offering a window into the exhilarating world of top-tier surf competitions. By exploring WSL, you gain access to a wealth of knowledge on advanced surfing techniques, the latest in surf safety protocols, and the inspiring stories of resilience and triumph from the world’s best surfers. These narratives not only motivate but also educate, highlighting the importance of preparedness, perseverance, and respect for the ocean’s power.
  • The Divers Alert Network (DAN) is renowned for its dedication to dive safety, health, and research. Surfers looking to improve their breath-hold and underwater skills will find DAN’s resources incredibly beneficial. From cutting-edge research on hypoxia and breath-hold diving to comprehensive training on dive safety and emergency care, DAN equips water enthusiasts with the knowledge to navigate underwater environments safely and efficiently.
  • Project AWARE which focuses on the critical role of marine conservation in sustaining the beauty and biodiversity of our oceans. For surfers who cherish the waves and the rich marine life that inhabits them, Project AWARE offers a platform to engage in conservation efforts, from protecting endangered species to combating marine debris.

Embrace the spirit of aloha as you prepare to meet the waves with confidence, skill, and a profound respect for the ocean’s power. Join us on this incredible journey in South America and let’s ride the waves of change together! Explore our website at or give us a call at 1 (808) 499-9177 to learn more about our programs and how we can support your journey towards becoming a more confident and skilled surfer.