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a man and a little boy that is standing in the sand



Volunteeers tried to help the cub

Volunteeers tried to help the cub

A false killer whale cub was found in the sand at Keiki Beach, on the North Shore, in the begining of November. Hawaii Eco Divers’ director of training, Loren Kearney, heard about the situation and headed to the scene to help. “We fought for the animal’s survival, but unfortunately he couldn’t resist. He was already out of the water for about an hour and a half when I got to Keiki “he said.

Several people in the community have made their contribution throwing buckets with sea water in the animal and putting wet towels on it. The volunteers were working in shifts, but the cub was sick and had internal injuries, so the authorities decided to euthanize the animals and reduce its suffering. “It is unfortunate to see nature in action sometimes but it was amazing to see people come to action to help out a single life form. Working together as a species is the key to preserving our planet for our own benefit as well as future generations”, said Loren. This tenet is behind everything we do at Hawaii Eco Divers. Thanks to all those that pitched in!