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a turtle swimming under water

Once you get to your dive site, you likely will have all the equipment you need to stay warm and comfortable while you are in the water. But what about before and after your dive?

While some scuba diving sites may be adjacent to the shoreline where you can simply walk out into the surf, others may be a distance away from shore. Generally, these are reached by boat.

To keep warm on your way to and from the dive site, it’s usually a good idea to dress warmly.

Scuba Dive in Hawaii – Check the Weather

Anytime you are heading out onto or into the water, it’s always a good idea to keep a closer eye on the weather. While Hawaii enjoys some of the most temperate, tropical weather anywhere in the world, conditions can always change quickly. So it always pays to be prepared.

Your scuba dive guide will already be aware of the weather conditions at the dive site. But there’s no such thing as too much information — especially when it can improve the safety of your dive.

Scuba Dive in Hawaii — Sun Protection

Even in perfect weather, there’s always the danger of getting too much sun. Wearing a hat can help protect you from the sun’s potentially harmful UV rays.

A hat will also help keep you warm. More than 60% of the body’s heat is lost through your head. So a wearing a hat even in relatively cool weather will always improve your body’s natural insulation.

Scuba Dive in Hawaii — Beach Clothes

Generally, the clothes you want to wear to your scuba dive experience are the same you would wear to the beach on that particular day. If it’s windy and cloudy, you probably want to cover up with warmer clothes over your swimwear.

If it’s sunny and hot, make sure you wear plenty of waterproof sun block to avoid getting sunburned.

Common sense is usually the best guide to dressing for scuba diving success.