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a turtle swimming under water

The city of Honolulu, on the South of the island of Oahu, in Hawaii, has good conditions for diving all year long. From October to April, during the Hawaiian winter, the big waves that reach the North of the island do not allow us to dive there, so Honolulu is the main destination for our daily dives right now. The location is super convenient for anyone staying in Waikiki area, but it is also a great choice for anyone who is on other parts of the island and wants to spend a day exploring Honolulu.

On the South Shore of Oahu there are some of the best wrecks on Oahu and several other shallower options for divers who do not have a lot of experience. The dives in this part of the island are all done by boat and we work in partnership with the best boats at Kewalos Basin Harbor (close to the Alamoana Mall).

The visibility of the diving spots of this area reaches up to 100ft on good days! Get to know a little more of the dive sites of Honolulu (South Shore):

SHALLOW SPOTS (UP TO 60 ft DEPTH) – for non-certified and certified divers

Kewalo Pipe: Kewalo Pipe is an old pipe that was used for water drainage and today coral reefs have grown around it and serve as habitat for various marine species.

Tutle Canyon: Turtle cleaning station ideal for beginner divers. Full of honus (turtles, in Hawaiian)!

Horse Shoe Reef: Reef full of marine life and many species of coral.

WRECKS (DEEPER, UP TO 120 ft DEPTH) – for divers with advanced certification or with more than 15 dives

Sea Tiger: Wrecked by a submarine company with the intention of forming an artificial reef to attract tourists to the submarine tours. It is the deepest wreck in the area and full of marine life and great fish schools.

Yo-257: Also artificial reef that gathers corals, aquatic plants and marine life and is ideal for filming and underwater photography for having great visibility.

San Pedro: Hawaiian turtles love to rest on the deck of this shipwreck, which is close to YO-257. Reef sharks are also seen frequently.

All dives are less than 20 minutes away from the coast, meaning more time in the water interacting with the local marine life.
We also dive on the West and Southeast sides of the island when conditions allow. From May to September the North Shore is our favorite dive site, but we continue to offer boat dives in Honolulu all year long!

Contact us to book your dive: INFO@HAWAIIECODIVERS.COM

Photos: Colt Kitchin