Apnea & Surf Survival for kids. Santa Cruz, California

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Apnea & Surf Survival training is invaluable for anyone who wants to increase their ocean safety and awareness skills, specially kids who spend time in the water. This course is intended to improve your son/daughter’s breathing ability, breath holding and surf survival skills. It will make them surf with more confidence and feel safer in the ocean.


Apnea & Surf Survival training for kids

Hawaii Eco Divers brings the Apnea and Surf Survival training for kids to Santa Cruz, California on April 30th and May 1st.  Sign up!

Day 1,  Saturday April 30th
Time: 10 am to  3pm
Location: Steamer Lane Beach

Day 2, Sunday, May 1st.
Time: 9 am to 2 pm.
Location: Steamer Lane Beach

What to bring:  Warm wetsuit with hood, fins and a mask.  Food and water for the day. Please bring a beach chair for the class on the beach. Students will receive a manual to read and prepare for the course.

We will start the first day with a physiology lesson on breathing and breath holding. We will also emphasize the dangerous of apnea training in water.  We will perform several breathing and breath hold skills prior to getting in the ocean. It should take approximately 2.5 hours of beach time.  Later, we will get in the water to perform surf survival drills using the breathing and breath holding knowledge for 2 hours.

On the second day we will start with CPR and Surf Aid care for surfers. After, we will perform several breathing exercises to strengthen the respiratory and more breath holding exercises out of the water. During the afternoon, we will perform surf survival drills using the breathing and breath holding knowledge in the water.

Parents are welcome to accompany their kids at all times.  Age 12+

Big Wave Surfer and Professional Diver Ricardo Taveira, founder of Hawaii Eco Divers, has been teaching Apnea and Surf Survival for years, improving surfers’ safety in Hawaii and around the world. This course is designed with only one goal in mind: to increase your breath hold capability in tense situations underwater while remaining calm and in total control of your mind.  Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity. This course is designed for surfers of all levels who want to feel more confident in the ocean!

Here is the link to sign up https://fareharbor.com/embeds/book/hawaiiecodivers/items/18251/availability/871342596/book/?full-items=yes

Instructor, Ricardo Taveira at Waimea Bay

Ricardo Taveira has been teaching the Apnea & Surf Survival course for 12 years.

We will have the adult version of the Apnea & Surfing Survival course in Pacifica California on May 21st and 22nd. This is a two full day class.  Sign in!

This course is designed with only one goal in mind; to increase your breath hold ability in tense situations underwater, while remaining calm and in total control of your mind.  In this apnea training for surfers, you will learn different techniques of apnea and breathing exercises to fully oxygenate the body, strengthen and increase capacity of the lungs . The class is designed to help you spend more time underwater through lectures, intense breath hold training and multiple breathing and swimming exercises. It’s purpose is to aid surfers in dealing with extreme situations where mind control and calmness are the main factors for your survival.

In addition to apnea theory and breathing techniques to maximize oxygenation and breath hold, we will be emphasizing High Surf Risk Management in order to recognize, minimize or avoid unnecessary risks found in the surf zone.  We will also present and work on many “Surf Rescue” scenarios encountered in the sport of surfing and other water activities.   We will cover the importance of providing CPR,  Rescue Breath and Surf First Aid skills to unconscious and injured victims.

Course Structure

The class is designed to help you spend more time underwater through lectures, intense breath hold training and multiple breathing and swimming exercises. Through two days of classroom, pool, and ocean training, you will practice:

  • Physiology of Apnea
  • Proper breathing exercises to improve ventilation and strengthening of the lungs
  • Safety
  • Static Apnea
  • Dynamic Apnea
  • Stressed Apnea
  • Risks and dangers of training apnea
  • Surviving a massive wipe out
  • Risk management and emergency action plan
  • Rescue skills
  • CPR

Tested and Proven Results

Over many years, hundreds of people have become better watermen and safer surfers because of this course. Lifeguards, firefighters, athletes, professional surfers, military, navy, police officers and more attest to how valuable our apnea training can be.

Watch this X-TERRA TV show about the Apnea & Surf Survival course  https://vimeo.com/228748289?outro=1&ref=fb-share


Ricardo Taveira

Your Instructor

Ricardo Taveira, Owner @hawaiiecodivers
Padi Master Diver Trainer
Apnea & Surf Survival Instructor
EFR – CPR & AED Instructor at American Red Cross
Big wave surfer with 30 years of surfing experience




Apnea & Surf Survival for adults in Pacifica, California. Sign up here https://fareharbor.com/embeds/book/hawaiiecodivers/items/18251/availability/878194984/book/?full-items=yes

Apnea & Surf Survival for kids in Santa Cruz. Sign up here https://fareharbor.com/embeds/book/hawaiiecodivers/items/18251/availability/871342596/book/?full-items=yes




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