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Hawaii Marine Conservation

Just some of the wonderful companies protecting our environment

Hawaii Eco Divers is committed to protecting the environment and honoring our mother Ocean. We make a point to participate in Hawaii marine conservation efforts whenever possible in order to keep the islands beautiful and flourishing. Above all, we practice respect to our friends under the sea and do our best to leave the ocean as pure as we found it. Below are some of our partner companies and favorite organizations that defend our aina every day.

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Ocean Scuba Dive

“At Ocean Scuba Dive, our goal is to share the greatest, weirdest, coolest and latest stuff about the ocean. Created with the idea of growing a community for like-minded ocean enthusiasts through its DiscoverDive and Defend values. Both through shareable and relatable content, our aim is to help people unlock the rest of the world through scuba diving and inspire others to love our oceans as much as we do — along with taking action to help protect it. So, whether you’re looking for your next unforgettable dive location or want to read the latest and greatest on our blog, Ocean Scuba Dive is the ideal place for you!”

Hawaii Marine Conservation Project Aware

Project AWARE

Started by PADI in the  1980’s, Project AWARE is a multi-faceted marine conservation initiative around the world. The organization identifies as a “global movement for ocean protection powered by a community of adventurers.”

You can find Project AWARE initiatives everywhere around the world! Join the movement wherever you are. It’s as easy as picking up litter on a dive and reporting it online. We do our part with Hawaii marine conservation in exactly this way. Every bit helps!

One Ocean Marine Conservation Hawaii

One Ocean Conservation

One Ocean Conservation, a child company of One Ocean Diving, is a marine conservation group located in Hawaii. Through hosting pelagic shark dives, conducting global research, producing media and documentaries, and educating children, this company helps #savethesharks and #savetheocean every day!

In Oahu and around the world, One Ocean hosts beach clean-ups and educational campaigns to promote sustainability and marine conservation.

Logo for Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii

Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii

“Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii is a grassroots, local nonprofit organization run by a small team of dedicated staff and supported by passionate volunteers, just like you. We inspire local communities to care for their coastlines through fun, hands-on beach cleanups. We also coordinate educational programs, team building corporate cleanups, waste diversion services, public awareness campaigns and help others run their own beach cleanups.”

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