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surf tours

for all levels of surfers, all around oahu

GUIDED SURF TOURS IN HAWAII - adventure at all levels!

Hawaii Eco Divers specializes in Surf Tours with guides for surfers who want to adventure on the waves of Hawaii. We offer full support for our customers, including:

Surf Tour Coaching

Surf Coaching

We will evaluate your level and preferred wave style so you can enjoy the most appropriate surf spots for you on the North Shore. During our sessions, we will accompany you in the water, surfing together and helping in positioning and choice of waves. Another person will be responsible for filming your surf tour! We will use the images to help enhance your surfing for the next session, than put into practice the developed comments. At the end of the work will edit a personalized video with all the waves of your trip.

Guided Surf Tour

Guided Surf Tour

This surf tour will begin with a tour of the best surf spots on Oahu. We will explain the secrets of each spot so you can surf with no issues all around the island. We chose the most appropriate location for your level and will follow throughout your session, providing important feedback on issues such as avoiding injuries in stone funds, use channel, reading and choosing the best waves. In addition, we will pass important information on local meteorology sites and wave forecasts.

Surf Tour Professional Photographer

Personal Photographer

We have a team of qualified professionals who will accompany you during your surfing session and the best moments of your tour, with photos in and out of water. Visit our surf photo gallery, taken by our photographers.

Apnea & surf survival course at Hawaii Eco Divers

Apnea and Surf Survival Training

We offer Apnea and Surf Survival Training Courses around the world! This course will explain freediving and breathing techniques, enabling you to stay underwater longer. This training protects you from dangerous surfing injuries and potentially life-threatening situations. (Read More on our blog!)

Surf Tour Equipment Hawaii Eco Divers

Surf Equipment

We work with the most renowned Hawaiian and Brazilian shapers on the North Shore. We will indicate the right equipment for all types of wave conditions for the best performance in the water.

Kona - Big Island - Travel support and advise

Travel Support and Advice

We offer general assistance trip, including different types of accommodations, car rentals, ecotourism activities and general consulting trip to Hawaii. We will give the best tips for your journey to become perfect! (Read More)


Depoimento Carlos Burle
“A very professional team! Today I am going home much more experienced and with the best head to face the real situations in the days of big waves.” Carlos Burle (big rider)

Depoimento Gustavo Crespo
“There is nothing better than traveling to Hawaii with those who know the best spots and knows what he does! Surfed and dived much thanks to HED.” Gustavo Crespo, Porto Alegre

Depoimento Adriano de Souza
“The course give you more confidence to go to the sea. Important to learn how to deal with the body, I’ll take that to my entire life. I want to keep practicing!” Adriano de Souza (professional surfer)

If you are also interested in scheduling a Scuba Oahu diving tour then CLICK HERE!

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We follow the highest standards in safety and certification.

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