Our tours and training are 100% “Eco-friendly”. Hawaii Eco Divers Team will make sure you interact and learn a lot about the Hawaiian marine life. Did you know that 25% of the marine life found in Hawaii are endemic? It means only exist here!

Let us guide you to the most beautiful dives Oahu has to offer. We also are partners with the best diving companies on other islands (Maui, Lanai, Big Island and Kauai) for your convenience.


BOAT DIVES - All levels of divers, year round!

Hawaii Eco Divers offers dive boat tours at all the shipwrecks and coral reefs of Oahu. Dive the infamous Sea Tiger Wreck, considered the largest and deepest shipwreck of Hawaii. The Yo-257 and the San Pedro are two shipwrecks located at the same site, just 50 yards apart from each other and ranked among the top 3 best dives of Hawaii, probably one of the best dives of the USA. The Mahi Wreck and Makaha Caverns are the West Side’s signature dive sites among so many other beautiful dives with sunny skies and pristine waters surrounded by beauty everywhere you look. For the not so experienced divers we have numerous reef dives such as Turtle Canyon, Horse Shoe Reef, Ewa Reef, Stars, Nautilus Reef and so many other sites that will make your Hawaiian dive trip unforgivable.

Shore Diving on the North Shore

Experience the thrill of diving in a true marine sanctuary on the North Shore of Oahu. Since this is a conservation zone, boats are not allowed to operate in this area, making it a fun and save place to shore dive. Fishing and underwater hunting are also prohibited. Hawaii Eco Divers works with the community, emphasizing marine life conservation in this area. A little walk from our shop you will find amazing dive sites with great underwater topography including numerous walls, caves, caverns, and lava tubes, with plenty of marine life. Shark’s Cove and Three Tables are the most famous sites, each with a half of dozen dive profiles that can be revealed to you by our experienced dive guides/instructors. Shore diving on the North Shore of Oahu is what we do best and we are proud of that!

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Night Diving

Have you ever wondered what is in the ocean at night? Let us show you the amazing creatures that only come out at night. You will not regret this incredible experience!

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Introdução ao Mergulho

Introductory Dives - No experience necessary.

We offer the PADI Discovery Scuba Dive program that is designed for people who never dove before. Find out why more and more people fallin live with this amazing sport every day. Upon completion of the program, you will receive credits that can be used toward the PADI open water certification, and if you decide to do it with us, you will get a great deal.

Scuba Diving Training in Oahu

Learn how to dive in Hawaii.  Have your Open water dive certification done in the beautiful blue waters of the Pacific Ocean and have a close interaction with the Hawaiian marine life. Dive the famous shipwrecks of Oahu while working on your Advanced Open Water certification.  We offer all PADI dive training courses. 

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We follow the highest standards in safety and certification.

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North Shore dive sites

North Shore

West Side dive sites

West Side

South East dive sites

South East

South Shore dive sites

South Shore

There is no better place in the world for scuba diving than Hawaii. And there’s no better place in Hawaii than the island of Oahu.

That’s because Oahu offers the widest variety of dive sites and environments than anywhere else in the Hawaiian Islands — or the world for that matter.

From the coral reefs and colorful underwater caves of the North Shore to the many hidden bays and coves sprinkled around the island’s perimeter, scuba divers have an embarrassment of riches when they visit Oahu.

Seven Essential Dives in Oahu

While there are literally hundreds of places to experience world-class scuba
diving on Oahu, there are seven places that need to be on any serious diver’s “must dive” list:

  • Hanauma Bay
  • Sea Tiger
  • YO-257/San Pedro
  • Turtle Canyons
  • Horseshoe Reef
  • Nautilus Reef
  • Kewalo Pipe

Even a beginner scuba diver is bound to have heard of a handful of these world famous dive sites. And any experienced Oahu diver has probably visited most of them.

A Diver for Every Ability

Oahu has so many amazing places to scuba dive that divers of every skill and experience level are sure to find an exciting adventure. From deep dives to shallow ones, from shipwrecks to colorful reefs, from a family of sea turtles to whale watching, Oahu is the one place on the planet that truly does have it all.

If you are serious about scuba diving, then Oahu has to be your Number One travel destination.

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Get an Eco Dive HD video & photos of all your dives!  We will film and edit your personal dive video for you to take home.

Take our underwater video and photo specialty courses and become an underwater video/photo pro!

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We follow the highest standards in safety and certification

Oahu Scuba Diving: Boat and Shore Dive, year round!