Hawaii Eco Divers offers the best Oahu Shark Diving Tours!

Experience the thrill of swimming with these amazing animals in their own environment and be face to face with the most beautiful Sharks of Hawaiian Waters.

Three miles away from Haleiwa Harbor, on the North Shore of Oahu, you will enjoy a boat ride, relishing the peace and beauty the vast Hawaiian waters offer. Tours last two hours.

Once on location, not only will you get to observe these graceful animals, but you will be educated on the importance and significance that sharks play in the oceanic ecosystem. It may surprise you how naturally gentle and curious these creatures can be.

Hawaii Eco Divers offers two types of Oahu Shark Diving Tours in hawaii:

Oahu Shark Diving

Oahu Shark Cage Diving

This tour is for everyone!

Enjoy the the safety of a metal cage as you are surrounded by the amazing the Sharks of Hawaii. Kids and families are welcome to this educational, safe and exciting Oahu Shark Cage Diving tour.

Snorkel gear is provided!

Price: $129.00 + tax

Oahu Shark Diving No Cage

Oahu Free Diving with Sharks (No cage!)

This tour is not for the faint of heart!  Caution, Shark lovers only!
Swim with incredible sharks in the open blue waters of Oahu, Hawaii and have an experience of a life time.
You will be guided by the best Sharks experts Hawaii has to offer, always prioritizing your safety in the water.  We will be educated you about shark behavior and the fragile ecosystem they encounter nowadays.  You will understand why you are not part of their food chain and why people often mistaken them for man killers.
This Oahu Shark Diving without cage Tour is designed for people to open their mind and change their attitude towards the most feared and endangered animals in our world. Snorkel gear is provided.

Sharks all over the world need our effort to protect them since over fishing depredation and shark fining is responsible for killing millions of Sharks every year.

Price $175.00 + tax


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