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“Ohana” means “family” in the Hawaiian language, and you’ll feel right at home here in Hawaii when staying at either one of the five locations of the Ohana.

Just like the Outrigger, the Ohana are located on the South Shore of Oahu, in beautiful picturesque Waikiki, a city that offers just about anything.  Shop, eat fine dining or local cuisine, dance, swim, surf, dive, enjoy a sunset on the white shores of Waikiki Beach, visit the famed historic Pearl Harbor…….do it all only steps away while staying at Ohana!  If you are too tired from flying, Ohana also conveniently provides a hotel located right at the Honolulu International Airport.  Fly to and from Ohana with ease, where fun, relaxation, and “family”counts.

Choose the Ohana that is perfect for you.  We also provide our special dive packages, so inqure and get details.  Remember, booking with us does not cost more than booking with them, so make one phone call to us, and we’ll do all the booking needs for you!

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We follow the highest standards in safety and certification.

Oahu Scuba Diving: Boat and Shore Dive, Snorkel Adventures!