See paradise from the sky

Highly recommended for anyone visiting Hawaii, helicopter tours guarantee a privileged perspective of the archipelago's islands. Some rides explore only one island and some explore more than one. To see the active volcanoes of the Big Island, for example, it is an incomparable view! Learn more about the most popular tours on each island: Oahu In Oahu you can see the beautiful Waikiki, the crater of Diamond Head volcano, gourgeous Hanauma Bay, Waimanalo Beach, Kaneohe, Pearl Harbor and...

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What to Wear Under Your Wetsuit When Scuba Diving

Scuba diving attire can make or break an experience. Think about what to wear under a wetsuit so you can have the best dive possible. Most scuba divers will wear wetsuits because they help maintain body temperature and help protect the body against the sun and other hazards on the open sea. Even when the air temperature and surface temperature of the water are warm, it can get quite cold the deeper you dive. So wetsuits are standard attire. But ... what should you wear under your dive sui...

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