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Hawaii Eco Divers apnea training in Brazil

a man swimming in the water


In an new and exclusive season in South America, the professional diver, surfer and owner of Hawaii Eco Divers, Ricardo Taveira,  takes the apnea training and survival for surfers to Brazil. In order to prepare participants to deal with the physical and mental challenges in the water, the training is happening this weekend in Sao Paulo and then will make its way to Rio de Janeiro on May 28th, 29th and 30th. The training has just been offered to 70 surfers, lifeguards and naval officers in Pichilemu, Chile and, after the editions in Brazilian, will head to Pico Alto, Peru.

Hawaiian respected lifeguards and big names of the surf scene such as Adriano de Souza, Nathan Flecher, Jamie Sterling and Filipe Toledo have participated of the training, which includes theoretical and practical knowledge  for athletes to manage apnea and emotional control in the water, especially in risk situations. “It involves exercises to strengthen and expand the respiratory muscles, as well as wipe outs and rescues simulations,” says Ricardo.

More information: [email protected]

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Photos: Leo Neves, Leo Dale and Hugh Gentry