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Archive: Feb 2021

Rescue Diving Course: How to Handle Scuba Diving Air Problems

In my rescue diving course, we learned five ways to not run out of air, and what to do if you do run out of air scuba diving: 1: Check Your Gauge  The easiest thing you can do to not run out of air is to check your gauge- well and often.  2: Calculate your…

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February 25, 2021

A Magical Moment Between Two Hawaiian Monk Seals

In this week’s segment of diving down with Mermaid Mikena, we will be talking about a recent special encounter with two Hawaiian Monk Seals. A Hawaiian Monk Seal swims overhead at Electric Beach, showing curiosity towards our divers. A Rare Moment We were floating along our dive with Hawaii Eco Divers, admiring the rays of…

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February 22, 2021

My Rescue Diver Certification with Hawaii Eco-Divers

My rescue diver certification with Hawaii Eco Divers was a challenging yet rewarding class. I perfected my self rescue skills, and learned how to save panicked, tired, cramped, injured, out of air and unconscious divers among many skills. All the while surrounded by the beauty of the ocean in Hawaii. Now, I’m prepared for any…

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February 19, 2021

Encounters with Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles

In our new segment, we’ll be going beneath the surface with Mermaid Mikena to bring you awareness about the various marine life found in the oceans off Hawaii. Today’s topic: Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles The Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle is the most common seen turtle in the waters of Hawaii A Smiling Face to Descend…

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February 12, 2021

Diving to the Depths of the Sea Tiger Shipwreck

At 123ft sits the Sea Tiger Shipwreck off the coast of Honolulu, providing a sanctuary for marine life and playground for divers We made our way to the Kewalo Basin Harbor in Honolulu to board the Kahala Kai with Hawaii Eco Divers. After a short boat ride, we tied up the boat to the mooring…

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February 8, 2021

My Rescue Diving Course: E-Learning with Hawaii Eco Divers

The Most Important Things I Learned from my Online Rescue Diving Course Hawaii Eco Divers has assured two things in my rescue diving course: The most common cause of diver emergency is poor judgment and the most important thing about being a rescue diver is to not become a victim yourself.  There are many signs…

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February 5, 2021

My Advanced Divers Certification with Hawaii Eco Divers

What it takes to be an Advanced Diver The first necessary certification needed to receive a Divemasters with Hawaii Eco Divers after open water is your advanced. As soon as I arrived in Haleiwa I started my e-learning and subsequent dives.  I was required to study deep diving and underwater navigation. I additionally chose to…

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February 3, 2021

Assisting in PADI Rescue Diver Training

As part of Divemaster Training, I assisted on a PADI Rescue Diver Course with Hawaii Eco Divers Assisting in the PADI Rescue Diver training allowed me to get a different perspective of taking courses. It gave me the opportunity to provide my knowledge and training to the new trainees. One of the goals of rescue…

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February 1, 2021