South Shore

Scuba Diving in Honolulu

Honolulu, a city full of shipwrecks and reef dives

The South Shore of Oahu is where everyone dives at least once when they come to Oahu. It hosts 3 excellent wreck dives and many shallow reef sites for beginners. The sites are no longer than 20 minutes away from Kewalo Harbor and all not too far from shore. There are several boat charters that operate on a daily bases and Hawaii Eco Divers partners with most of them.

The best dive sites in Honolulu:

Sea Tiger

Depth 80-130 ft./ 25-40 m.  Wreck dive.  This is the deepest wreck dive for recreational divers, also one of the most exciting.  Most of the dive is done at 100 ft./ 35 m., therefore, some experience is necessary. Sank by a submarine company in 1996, The Sea Tiger is a great place to observe marine life, large schools of snappers and other Hawaiian reef fish that color the deep blue, frog fish on the railings, moray eels, octopus, sharks, eagle rays, sting rays, and giant turtles.  Penetration can be done if you have the experience, however, be careful!  The Sea Tiger is big and deep enough to get lost in.  Easier penetration can be done in the cargo and bridge areas.  Visibility 60-120 ft./ 20-40 m.


Depth 70-100 ft/ 22-33 m.  Wreck dive.  One of the most beautiful dives of Hawaii, it has a very rich ecosystem with a lot of corals, aquatic plants, and marine life.  The YO is a perfect dive to do underwater photography and videography specialties.  Since it’s not a very deep wreck dive, the diver can enjoy a comfortable dive with a good bottom time.  Like the Sea Tiger, The YO was a Navy Oiler and it was also sank by a submarine company in 1989, but these guys are still active.  On a daily basis you can sea the  Atlantic Submarine cruising by with tourists on the inside waving at you at 80 ft./ 28 m. deep.  The best thing about diving the YO-257 is that you can also see another wreck on the same dive, the San Pedro.  They are only 100 ft./ 30 m. apart. Be careful with the strong currents!  Visibility 60-120 ft./ 20-40 m.

San Pedro

San Pedro

Depth 60-80 ft./ 20-27 m.  Wreck dive.  The San Pedro was added to the YO-257 location to make it even more exciting.  It is a true turtle cleaning station, lots of Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles can be seen resting on the deck of the wreck where tangs and surgeon fish eat off their shells. White tip reef sharks are often seen inside the cargo, and large eels make the San Pedro home.  Visibility 60-80 ft. / 20-27 m.

Kewalo Pipe

Depth 40-60 ft./ 16-20 m.  Boat dive. Kewalo pipe is usually the second dive after one of the wreck dives in Waikiki. The pipe extends 1/3 of a mile from shore where they used it as a water drainage. The pipe is not active anymore and reef grew around it bringing all sorts of marine life, including the hard to see Frog Fish and multiple scorpion leaf fish.  Visibility 40-100 ft. / 13-35 m.

Turtle Canyon

Tutle Canyon

Depth 15-45 ft./ 5-15 m.  Boat dive.  This is a perfect spot for beginners.  Considered a turtle cleaning station where dozens of turtles can be seen hovering the reef.  All levels of divers love this site because of the great interaction with the turtles and other marine life.  The turtles do not seem disturbed as they allow divers to come very close without seeming fearful.  This is one of the most famous shallow dives of Waikiki, and everyone’s favorite.  Visibility 20-100 ft./ 7-35 m.

Horseshoe Reef

Horse Shoe Reef

Depth 40-60ft/16-20m. Great reef site right outside Kewalos Harbor.  This reef dive is a great place for begginers and experienced divers that are wanting to take great photos of coral, fish and eels.  The Hawaiian eagle ray is a regular visitor to this dive site.  A very rich and well developed reef system makes this spot exciting for divers of all skill levels. Visibility 40-100ft/16-35m.

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