Hawaii Ocean Images

Photos & videos underwater!

Hawaii Ocean Images is part of Hawaii Eco Divers & Surf Adventures

We specialize in underwater diving and surfing filming on the North Shore and around Hawaii, creating stunning images of the ocean realm.

We will film and edit a great video of your scuba dive experience in Hawaii. Not only you will dive on the most beautiful dive sites of Oahu, but you are also going to have it all filmed in high definition quality video. We can create a personalized dive video of your group and family.

Surf filming on the best waves of the North Shore and around Oahu. We can film your surf session and edit it into a beautiful surf video of your Hawaiian surfing experience. Improve your surfing through our coaching and video work. We will film all your waves and study what areas of improvement we can work on. At the end, we will create a personalized surf movie with all your best waves.

Video and Photo Training

Underwater video course on the best dive sites of Oahu from boat and shore.

Learn about filming at different angles, deep water color loss, lightning, maintainance of the equipment, video editing and softwares.

Underwater digital photography course. Learn how to take beautiful photos underwater while still diving safe and maintaining perfect buoyance control.

We follow the highest standards in safety and certification

Oahu Scuba Diving: Boat and Shore Dive, year round!