Journey to becoming a PADI Divemaster

Recap of my first day as a Divemaster Intern for Hawaii Eco Divers on Oahu After getting scuba certified almost two years ago, I knew I wanted to continue growing as a diver and work towards my divemaster certification so I could work in diving. Becoming a diver allowed me to become an ambassador for the ocean. My passion for ocean conservation drove me to become certified in the first place, and now I want to grow as a diver as much as I can so I can create a positive impact on the ocean and ...

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Scuba Diving Oahu Wreck Dives

Scuba Diving Oahu Wreck Dives Oahu is an island full of history and wonders, both above and below the water. In every direction off the island lies a mystery to explore. Join Hawaii Eco Divers scuba diving Oahu wreck dives for an adventure like no other. Below are some of the coolest wrecks you can explore on the island. Photo by Kachilla Images at Dive Oahu West Side Oahu Scuba Dive Wrecks 29 down 29 Down dive site on the west side of Oahu is a unique experience for every diver! This si...

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Family Activities Near Aulani

Here are some of the best family activities near Aulani, the Disney resort, in Oahu. Welcome to the beautiful island of Oahu! We are so happy to have you visiting our shores, and our beautiful West Coast. Your kids are so lucky that you brought them here ( #ParentOfTheYear ). As lovely and fun as the Aulani is, sometimes it is necessary to hop off the resort and see some local action. So what to do? You may be far from the tourist hub of Waikiki, but there are plenty of family activities nea...

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Scuba Diving Near Aulani, the Disney Resort on Oahu

Where to go scuba diving near Aulani, the Disney Resort and Spa in Ko Olina on the West Side of Oahu Here you are in paradise, relaxing at the Aulani Disney Resort and Spa on the West Side of Oahu. Your kids are loving the kids club and the beautiful beach, but you find yourself craving an adventure outside the hotel gates. Fear not! There are plenty of opportunities for scuba diving near Aulani. Take a break from the resort to see some of the wonders of the Pacific. On many of these scuba ...

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Caio Castro mergulha com a Hawaii Eco Divers

Na semana passada o ator brasileiro Caio Castro mergulhou com a Hawaii Eco Divers e deixou sua viagem ao Havaí ainda mais completa. Ele visitou a ilha de Oahu, onde acompanhou a etapa final do campeonato mundial de surf emPipeline, no litoral Norte. O convite do proprietário da Hawaii Eco Divers e mergulhador profissional, Ricardo Taveira, aconteceu durante a festa de comemoração da vitória de Adriano de Souza e foi irrecusável. O margulho foi feito no lado Oeste da ilha e os participa...

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